20 Signs Youre Exactly Where Youre Supposed To Be (You Just Dont Realize It Yet)


1. You’re letting yourself feel. You’re no longer numb; you take interest in things. You ask questions, want to explore and have new experiences. You cry, laugh, worry, and feel joy when the moment calls for it. You have regained a healthy range of feeling capacity.

2. Things have just seemed to work out, even though you were scared or anxious that they wouldn’t. Coincidences are the Universe’s way of communicating with you. The best way to know whether or not you’re on the right path is by how well the world is responding to your effort. As the proverb goes: “Move and the way will open.”

3. When you see other people’s successes, you think: “That’s their path,” not “Why don’t I have that, too?” The happier you are with your life, the less you want other people’s. The happier you are with your decisions, the less you need other people to be.

4. Your relationships have shifted. You may find that you just “click” with people better than you ever had, or that you and your parents are closer than ever. Maybe you realized that you weren’t trying hard enough with your significant other, and have worked on rectifying that. Either way, your relationships are a reflection of your relationship to yourself, and their health is related to your own.

5. You’re more interested with being at peace than you are being “happy.” You’re no longer chasing highs. Perhaps surprisingly, what makes you feel the best is when your business is in order, your work is handled, your wellbeing is prioritized. You are more interested in building a peaceful homeostasis than constantly running from your anxiety.

6. Your fear no longer motivates you, your vision for the future does. You can have goals without stressing about the fact that you haven’t achieved them yet. You are no longer a slave to the ways that you haven’t lived up to your standards. You take things one day at a time.

7. You can do things that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Whether that’s something big like having moved to a new city, traveled, switched career fields, or something small like wearing your hair naturally, cooking each day or having money in savings, you can identify ways in which you’re proud to have grown over the past few years.

8. You spend more time trying to enjoy the moment than avoid the moment. When you want to be more present for what’s happening in your life than you want to just distract yourself until it all passes, you’re learning what it means to truly live.

9. You worry about what other people think significantly less than you used to. Because you’re more satisfied with yourself, you’re less preoccupied with making sure that other people approve and validate you.

10. You’re a bit more mindful of your mortality. You enjoy your life because you know that it won’t last forever. You maintain a degree of detachment – you don’t get lost in the fear that you’re stuck where you are or that things will never change. You know that your time is limited, and you want to spend it wisely.

11. You understand why you made the mistakes you did in the past. To admit that you’ve made mistakes is the first degree of self-awareness. But when you understand what motivated you to make those mistakes, you’re ready to change your life for good.

12. You have a clearer idea of what you would want the future to hold, even if you aren’t sure how you’ll get there. The future isn’t this terrifying abyss of the unknown anymore. The more you are conscious of your values, the more that you can identify how you’d like to incorporate them into your life.

13. You feel less of a need to judge people and argue with them pointlessly. The more you genuinely like yourself and your life, the less you feel the need to pick apart other people’s. The more confident and assured you feel, the less you manically want to prove yourself as being smart or superior or “right” all the time.

14. You’re so afraid of losing what you have, you’re resisting it a little bit. When you take a step back, you recognize that you basically have one if not many things that you could only have ever dreamt of having. If you aren’t fully immersing yourself in that reality, it’s actually a good sign: it means you care so much that you’re afraid of losing it. Of course, you do have to get over it eventually, but just know that fear is almost always a sign you’re headed in the right direction, not the wrong one.

15. You’ve taken responsibility for your life. Your primary goal is to make sure that you can take care of yourself and potentially, the people you love and care about most. You honor a budget, take care of your health, take pride in doing your work well.

16. You’re doing things you want to do more than things you feel like you need to do. When you can choose what you do with your time, you always opt for what you genuinely want rather than what you feel you’re expected to do.

17. You’re not afraid to be alone. Even if you don’t prefer it, you’re not so scared that you’re staying around the wrong people.

18. You can communicate more effectively. If you don’t want to go somewhere, you aren’t afraid to say “No, thank you though!” You aren’t afraid to speak up when in the face of intolerance or prejudice. You can articulate your needs. Your sense of self no longer hinges on whether or not everybody likes you all the time.

19. You’re shifting from having self-esteem to having self-esteem. High self-esteem says: “I am perfect and everything good in my life is the result of my behavior, everything bad in my life is the result of my circumstances.” Low self-esteem says: “There’s nothing right about me and everything good in my life is the product of circumstances, and everything bad the result of my behaviors.” Good self-esteem, however, says: “I am a person with strengths and weaknesses, and I can harness my behavior to respond to my circumstances as best I can.”

20. You see the point of the past. When you understand the point of everything that has happened in your life prior to this moment, you are finally through it, and you have learned from it in the way that you were always meant to. You have arrived, but then again, you realize that you were never really lost, only walking toward the horizon.

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