Kris Jenner’s Latest Venture Is Her Best Idea Yet

November 5, 2017

Kris Jenner officiated a wedding this weekend, meaning the median cost of a wedding these days just went up by like $100k. TBH, this is a brilliant beyond brilliant business decision. Not that we’d expect anything less from the woman who turned her daughter’s sex tape into an empire. She could probably charge as much as one of Khloé’s 1Oak appearances for reading a paragraph and fake crying. How much…


Everyone Is Freaking Out About Puerto Rico’s Whitefish Energy Scandal And Here’s Why

November 2, 2017

On September 20th, a whopping forty or so days ago, Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, leaving nearly the entire island without power. And like, that’s where the situation still stands. 40 days without power or clean water. This is what we in the business call “a fucking disaster.” Now, if this had happened anywhere that white people live in abundance on the mainland U.S., Donald Trump would have flown his…


Turns Out Bill O’Reilly Is An Even Bigger Shitbag Than We Thought

October 29, 2017

Here’s some not surprising news: Bill O’Reilly is a garbage bag of a human being. Besides looking like every gross old man that your mom tells you to avoid at neighborhood parties, he actually that gross old man that coworkers tell you to avoid at, like, your fucking job. In a series of equally not-surprising scandals at Fox News, it’s now been reported by and the (not fake news!) that…


Corinne Olympios Addresses The Rumors She & DeMario Jackson Are Dating

October 3, 2017

Earlier today TMZ reported that Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are dating. The two were photographed at Disneyland holding hands and were reportedly acting “cuddly”. I know, really solid evidence we’ve got here. Well, Corinne responded to the DeMario rumors immediately. Hey Kylie, can we possibly get the same speed of rumor confirmation from your camp? Asking for a friend, and that friend is oh, I don’t know, THE ENTIRE…


The Biggest Hot Mess On ‘Southern Charm’ Isn’t Returning Next Season

September 30, 2017

fans—who are you? Oh. There, I see you, all five of you—I’ve got some bad news. Our favorite hot mess, Landon Clements, will not be returning to the show for season five. Honestly I can’t tell how I feel about this news. On the one hand, Landon at best annoys me every time she opens her mouth or even appears on screen, and at worst she actively offends me and…


Theres A New Royal Baby On the Way, And Here Are Our Name Ideas

September 6, 2017

Just when we thought Prince William and Kate Middleton literally couldn’t get any more perfect, on Monday they announced that they’re expecting another child together. This is basically the best news in the world, because their last two kids are the almost cute enough to thaw our cold, dead hearts. They technically only made the announcement now because Kate is having the same severe morning sickness as her last two…


‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Recap: Winter Came

September 4, 2017

Well friends, we’ve made it through another season of and what’s really fucking me up about this finale is that it didn’t give us a mind-numbing plot twist, horrifying death, or really anything that we didn’t expect. In fact, with the exception of maybe the death of Littlefinger (which I totally called but it’s fine), we all predicted just about everything that was going to happen in this finale. Jon…


We Need To Stop Being Surprised When Taylor Swift Acts Petty And Vindictive

September 2, 2017

Taylor Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do” last night, and predictably the internet went insane. We knew a “new” Taylor Swift was coming, but how new was she really? Taylor herself said “the old Taylor is dead,” and yet, she’s still out here, not-so-subtly shading people in her music and acting like she’s completely blameless. I mean, even the very title puts the blame on whoever the subject…