Finance Geeks Will Love This New Movie About the Tulip Bubble

September 8, 2017

Markets are governed by two things: math and story. Math is simple. It’s reality, the fundamentals and the underlying supply and demand for whatever’s being traded. The story is where human psychology enters the picture. It’s what causes people to extrapolate wildly, move in herds, and swing from bouts of extreme pessimism to embarrassing optimism. Markets can whipsaw wildly based on story alone, though in the end, raw math eventually…


One by One, Verizon M&A Rumors Aren’t Working Out

July 30, 2017

Everyone loves a good megadeal rumor, but it's time to move on from this one: Comcast Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc. probably aren't getting together. It's the latest in a series of M&A ideas involving cable providers, wireless carriers and TV programmers — all because AT&T Inc. struck a deal last year to buy Time Warner Inc.  The chatter a few weeks ago was that Verizon will buy Walt Disney Co., a deal…