A furious Jimmy Kimmel slams the new GOP health bill in a monologue everyone should watch.

September 25, 2017

Sen. Bill Cassidy has failed the “Jimmy Kimmel Test.” Spectacularly so. In a blistering monologue delivered Tuesday night, late-night host Kimmel accused the Louisiana Republican of coming on his show and lying “right to my face” about health care. If you too are disappointed in Sen @BillCassidy #GrahamCassidy let them know it – call (202) 224-3121 pic.twitter.com/eswlh6BaoV — Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) September 20, 2017 At issue: the latest Republican attempt…


Two white, ghostly giraffes were filmed in Kenya and nature is beautiful

September 16, 2017

Magical creatures may not exist, but at least we all have the chance to see the next best thing: a pair of white giraffes.  The mother and calf were spotted in Garissa County, Kenya, where a visitor at the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservatory captured video when they noticed the beautiful animals casually strolling through the area.    SEE ALSO: Poor raccoon gets rescued after being stuck in peanut butter jar They…


I love NFL football, but I’m boycotting this year. 22 things I’ll be doing instead.

September 12, 2017

I love NFL football. But we’re officially on a break. For years, I’ve watched beloved college players jet off to the NFL, and I continued following their careers, cheering on their successes on teams across the country. Back when I settled down in Kansas City for five years, I became a Chiefs fan, spending many a Sunday with chili on the stove and a beer in my hand, watching my…


Heinz channels Pixar in its new Australian ad

September 10, 2017

If you’re in the business of marketing baked beans, you’ll pull out a fair few stops and a large budget to cut through the noise. Heinz has launched their new Australian ad for baked beans, as part of their new ‘Can Size for Every Aussie’ product launch, and it could be mistaken for a Pixar short. SEE ALSO: Google honors ‘Mr. Trololo’ Eduard Khil with his own lovely doodle video…


20 Signs Youre Doing Better Than You Think You Are

August 15, 2017

Youpaid the bills this month, and maybe even had extra to spend on non-necessities. It doesn’t matter how much you belabored the checks as they went out, the point is thatthey did, and you figured it out regardless. You question yourself. You doubt your life. You feel miserable some days. This means you’re still open to growth. This means you can be objective and self-aware. The best people go home…


Coke Zero will be no longer, and people aren’t so down with the news

July 28, 2017

Goodbye, Coke Zero.Image: George Frey/Getty Images Coke Zero’s days are numbered. The soda will be soon replaced by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, another diet iteration the Coca-Cola Company hope will stop consumers turning away from sugary drinks. SEE ALSO: Artificial sweeteners don’t help with weight loss after all, sweeping study shows “Weve made the great taste of Coke Zero even better by optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke…


Business witches of Instagram take sorcery to a new level

July 23, 2017

Image: ambar del moral/mashable Katie Karpetz is a business witch. No, really. Karpetz, a Canadian who identifies as a bog witch because of her unruly hair, is literally in the business of selling products marketed specifically for other witches. SEE ALSO: Instagram shares magical ‘Harry Potter’ illustration to mark 20-year anniversary She sells everything from vintage amethyst tower wands designed to soothe insomnia, to custom-made “witch bottles” whose recipes are…