Critics say stablecoin Tether is a scam. That could spell doom for Bitcoin.

February 3, 2018

Not looking good.Image: Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images Bitcoin has been on a run. Despite its recent dip, the cryptocurrency has impressed skeptics and believers alike in its monumental rise in value since its creation nine years ago. But all that could be on the verge of change.  Because while the argument rages on as to whether Bitcoin is in fact a currency or a store of value, one question looms large…


This cryptocurrency is blowing up. But it’s not currency

January 2, 2018

Image: Getty Images Move over ethereum and litecoin — ripple is suddenly the hot new cryptocurrency.  But ripple is different. It can’t be mined. It can’t be used to go shopping. And it’s operated by a private company. Ripple is still far smaller than bitcoin, the reigning king of cryptocurrencies, but it’s had a remarkable 2017. Ripple has increased by 29,000 percentin the past 12 months, pushing its value to…