What the UK and Australia did differently after mass shootings

October 10, 2017

(CNN)It has become a predictable affair. A mass shooting happens, there is a call for tighter gun laws and then it’s business as usual. The UK has some of the world’s strictest gun-ownership laws and it is now rare for civilians to own private firearms. The turning point for the country came in 1996, when 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton used legally owned handguns to kill 16 children, all ages 5 and…


Toys R Us Collapses Into Bankruptcy Thanks to Crushing Debt

September 22, 2017

The filing is the latest blow to a brick-and-mortar retail industry, which has seen a string of bankruptcies from Payless Inc. and Gymboree Corp. to Perfumania Holdings Inc. Chains are reeling from store closures, sluggish mall traffic and the gravitational pull of Amazon.com Inc.’s lower costs and global home delivery. More than 10 percent of U.S. retail space, or nearly 1 billion square feet, may need to close, convert to…


NFL TV Ratings Slump Again

September 15, 2017

Fewer people watched the opening week of National Football League coverage than they did last year, a decline TV executives chalk up to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Cable news and the Weather Channel almost tripled their audiences in prime time and grew fourfold during the day, according to data from the networks, drawing fans away from football. “Thursday Night Football” was down 13 percent, and Sunday games on CBS also…


China’s Fossil Fuel Deadline Shifts Focus to Electric Car Race

September 13, 2017

China will set a deadline for automakers to end sales of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, becoming the biggest market to do so in a move that will accelerate the push into the electric car market led by companies including BYD Co. and BAIC Motor Corp. Xin Guobin, the vice minister of industry and information technology, said the government is working with other regulators on a timetable to end production and sales. The…


Alleged Russian Hackers Arrest Caps Long Cybercrime Career

July 30, 2017

Moscow (AP) — From the early days of online stock scams to the increasingly sophisticated world of botnets, pseudonymous hacker Peter Severa spent nearly two decades at the forefront of Russian cybercrime. Now that a man alleged to be the pioneering spam lord, Pytor Levashov, is in Spanish custody awaiting extradition to the U.S., friends and foes alike are describing the 36-year-old as an ambitious operator who helped make the…